Tips for a great shoot

Wear loose clothing!

As you know, restrictive clothing (bras, socks, etc.) leaves marks on your body that take time to go away. Try to avoid wearing anything restrictive before (and to) the shoot if at all possible.

Plan for enough time.

Your photo session will last around 2-3 hours (at least 3 if having makeup services). Try not to schedule stuff too close (either before or after) that will make you feel rushed or stressed out -- it shows.

Bring a friend.

Many people feel more comfortable with someone they know at the shoot. I encourage you to bring a chaperone to your session if you'll feel more relaxed. Please see the FAQ section for more on chaperones.

Bring some props.

Sometimes, all it takes to turn a nice photograph into an excellent one is something simple. Some ideas of simple items that work well are: hats, scarves, or something that represents something about yourself or your hobbies.

If you're a woman looking to give your photographs to your man as a gift I also recommend bringing something personal of his such as his favorite T-shirt, a dress shirt, and/or sports paraphernalia/jersey (basketball, football, etc.) if he's a sports fan.

If you're having boudoir (intimate) photos taken don't be shy about bringing lingerie or anything else that makes you feel sexy. Not only will it help set the mood, but he'll love it too!

Have your makeup done.

I encourage all women to have their makeup professionally done for their photo session. While it's not a requirement, a professional knows how to apply makeup that will look great under hot lights and in the final image.

If you choose to do your own makeup, please have your makeup done before showing up to your shoot. Here are some tips:

Don't forget your heels ladies!

High-heels radiate sensuality. The mere sight of a tall pump sets the mood. High heels:

Fill out the pre-shoot questionnaire.

I kindly ask all clients and models to fill out the pre-shoot questionnaire prior to your session.

I don't make it a requirement to actually fill out and submit the form but please at least read over the questions as I will ask you them in person prior to your session. The purpose of this form is to provide you with a better product. By knowing what your expectations are, and also your comfort level in front of the camera, I can help make this a great experience!