Nude figure study


What kind of photography do you do?

I do all kinds of photography but work primarily in a studio environment. I specialize in the following areas:

Will my pictures be viewed by anyone?


These are YOUR pictures will NOT be included in my gallery without your permission. The images in my gallery of from clients who have signed a model release giving me permission to use their image(s) for my site.

Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/daughter/etc. to the shoot?

Absolutely! Chaperones are encouraged to attend. You may bring whomever you wish to your shoot. The more comfortable you are, the better the shoot goes.

That being said, please consider your comfort-level with your chaperone before coming to the shoot. Many women think they'll be more comfortable with their husband watching but their attention is often diverted. As the photographer, I need your full attention during the shoot.

How long before I get my pictures?

I will post proofs from your session to the online proofing section of this website within 48 hours of the shoot. From this application you may select the 12 images that you would like me to retouch (also referred to as 'edit', 'finish', or 'Photoshop'). I will then need approximately 2-3 days to finish your images and email you the results. You may then choose which of these images you would like printed and I should have them within 1-3 days. I will provide you with a CD of the finished images when you pick up your prints.

(Note: TFP/CD shoots usually take longer as clients always take priority)

Where is your studio located?

My studio is located in the "Broadway Studios", on the corner of NE 7th & Broadway. The street address is:

Do you offer hair & makeup services?

I can arrange for a makeup artist to be available to you at the shoot for an additional fee of $70, but I prefer you have your makeup done prior to arriving. I will need advance notice for this option if you choose to have your makeup done at the studio. Please note that the makeup artist is an independant contractor and payment comes directly from you. Please have either cash or a check for her payment. Thank you.

I have not been able to find a reliable hair stylist for on-site services. Please have your hair done prior to arriving.

Do I have to be nude for boudoir images?

Of course not! (see section "What do all these terms mean?" below)

These are YOUR images. You are free to wear (or not wear) whatever you like.

The idea is to create a seductive image. This can be accomplished in an infinite number of ways with or without clothing. Button-down shirts with only a few buttons buttoned, lingerie, a trench coat, etc. are all very sexy and don't require nudity at all.

If you're looking for the illusion of nudity that's fine as well. Selective camera angles, poses and props can be used to cover "sensitive" areas without taking away from the seductive quality.

The pre-shoot questionnaire can give you more ideas about clothing options. The section below titled 'What do all these terms mean?' may help as well!

Do you shoot Black & White?

I shoot exclusively digital so the visible color spectrum is captured on each frame but can easily be converted to black & white. The same is true for sepia tone. While there aren't very many examples in my gallery it's not an uncommon request from my clients and something I'm happy to do.

What do all these terms mean?

Don't know what a lot of these terms mean? You're not alone! I've assembled the following definitions to help you understand what they mean. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Artistic Nude:
Photography of a nude model that is tasteful in the nature, but is still revealing. This type of image is more suited for gallery display rather than 'adult' magazines. These images are not pornographic in any way as they are not intended to arouse.
Similar to Glamour in that the focus is kept on the model but is generally more revealing. Revealing outfits, lingerie, implied, partial and full nudity are all common for this style. Other common names for this style of image is "Just For Him" or "His eyes only" as it is common for women to give this kind of image to her partner.
Commercial Nude:
Similar to implied nudity but is intended for commercial, rather than glamour market. Think Abercrombie & Fitch or Calvin Klein print ads.
Concealed Nude:
Photography in which the model is fully or partially nude to the photographer without showing that nudity to the camera. An example of this is the common 'hands/arms over nipples' pose.
Also known as 'Figure Study'. See 'Artistic Nude'
Photography that focuses on the model instead of fashion or product endorsement. State of dress varies from fully dressed to full nude.
Photographic technique where the focus of the photograph is a person's face. Professional actors and models are often required to include a head shot in their portfolio.
Implied Nude:
Photography in which the model appears to be, but may not actually be, fully or partially nude. Neither nipples nor genitals are shown in the photographs. Think 'suggestive' not 'revealing'.
Photography where the model is wearing some form of under-garments. The style and amount of undergarments worn vary. This is typically done for glamour, boudoir or fashion and is usually non-nude.
Partial Nudity:
Partial Nudity can be broken down into several categories. Here are two common examples:
No Frontal Nudity: Model is at least partially nude but nipples and genitals are not exposed.
Topless: Models has exposed breasts but genitals are not revealed.
Photography of specific body parts rather than the entire body. Any part of the body can be the subject but the face is not usually included.
Glamour photography with a 'retro' feel like you'd see in an old-time mens' magazine or calendar. These images range from fully dressed to nude, but most often fall somewhere in between.

What projects are you working on?

I occasionally work on special projects. If you would like to know more please check out my current projects